Our consignment program allows you to carry inventory at your establishment that you do not pay for until it sells.  We will manage your inventory and stop by on a pre-planned schedule that best fits your business and count / restock your inventory.  At this time, you will remit payment for your previous inventory sales so you are never holding inventory that you paid for.

This program was developed to help small business owners have the ability to sell merchandise without all the expense.  We are the only local company offering such a program.

How can I get on this program?  Please complete the form to your right in full and we will review your application and then a sales representative will visit your location for a survey.  Once the survey has been completed you will be notified if your account has been approved or not.

How many businesses are doing this?  This is a brand new program and we currently have more than a dozen businesses.  We do have limits on the overall number due to the sheer volume of inventory that we have to hold.  Our program has specific criteria your business must meet in order to be eligible.

is there any type of deposit requirement?  We may determine that your business is eligible but we might require a security deposit if we feel the risk is too high for our business.  We may require a credit card to be placed on the account for auto debit or other ways to secure payment.  You will be notified in advance if any of these are a term & condition of your eligibility.

Complete the application to your right and please allow us 48-72 hours to determine your eligibility and you will be notified via email with your current status.

Startup Inventory:

Approved businesses will have a startup inventory of the following items:

4 Sm, M, Lg & XL T-shirts with your company logo on the front left chest along with adult humor on the reverse side.

4 Sm, M, Lg & XL T-shirts with your company logo on the front left chest as well as on the reverse side

25 Can Coozies

25 Bottle Coozies

5 Coffee Mugs

Depending upon the establishment additional items may be included in your startup package.  Startup inventory will not exceed five hundred dollars.

Wholesale Account
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