To obtain free technical support, simply send an email to: and we will do our best to support you 100% through email.  

ONLY $28.95


When you need technical support where we log into your computer (with your permission of course), and resolve your issue(s).

This service is limited to 2 hours of remote support at the price noted below.  If you have an active service contract, there is no charge for this service.

Click the logo below to download a piece of software that will provide you with a 9 digit code.  Once you have this code, call our office 585.294.3278 and provide us with this code

Remote Technical Support - Hack Shack, Inc

ONLY $49.95


Please utilize our ticketing system where you need support but it is not on *high* priority and you don’t mind waiting in line for us to resolve issues on a first come, first serve basis.

This system allows us to prioritize our support requests and give us tracking ability.  All contract clients are required to utilize this method prior to any other support method first.

No Charge!